Method and Fundamentals

You can use the Bandmate Chromatic Tuner app while you practice, so that you can see the note you are playing. This will help you check if you are playing the correct note, and check if you are playing that note in tune. It is free, so get it!

Fundamentals For Band

Fundamentals For Beginning Band #1

Fundamentals For Beginning Band #2

Fundamentals For Band


Method "Book" One (Chapters 1-9)

Method "Book" Two (Chapters 10-16)

Play-Along Background Music For Method Books

Chapter 17: Rhythm Studies

Chapter 18: Chorales

Chapter 19: Advanced Technical Scale Studies in Concert Bb

Chapter 20: 6/8 Meter

Chapter 21: "Deck The Halls" In Nine Keys

Chapter 22: Reading, Counting, and Playing 16th Notes

Chapter 23: Counting and Sustaining Your Notes

Chapter 24: Style and Articulation

Chapter 25: Complete Lip Slurs For Brass Instruments

Chapter 26: Jazz / Swing Style and Articulation

Chapter 27: Articulation Workout

Chapter 28: "Name Your Notes" Worksheets

Chapter 29: How To Read, Count and Play Triplets

Chapter 30: Slurs

instructional video:

Chapter 31: Key Signature Lesson

Fingering Charts

Fingering Charts For Beginners

Complete Fingering Charts