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Fundamentals For Band

Fundamentals For Band #1

Fundamentals For Band #2

Fundamentals For Band #3

Fundamentals For Band #4


Method "Book" One (Chapters 1-9)

Method "Book" Two (Chapters 10-15)

Chapter 16: Play-Along Background Music For Method Books

Chapter 17: Rhythm Studies

Chapter 19: Advanced Technical Scale Studies in Concert Bb

Chapter 20: 6/8 Meter

Chapter 21: "Deck The Halls" In Nine Keys

Chapter 22: Reading, Counting, and Playing 16th Notes

Chapter 23: Counting and Sustaining Your Notes

Chapter 24: Style and Articulation

Chapter 25: Complete Lip Slurs For Brass Instruments

Chapter 26: Jazz / Swing Style and Articulation

Chapter 27: Articulation Workout

Chapter 28: "Name Your Notes" Worksheets

Chapter 29: How To Read, Count and Play Triplets

Chapter 33: Key Signatures

Chapter 37: Pitch Flashcards for Class

Chapter 38: Range Builder

Chapter 39: Expanding Intervals Up From B-Flat

Chapter 40: Temporary stuff

Chapter 42: Note Accuracy

Fingering Charts

Full Fingering Charts

Fingering Charts For Beginning Band