Our YouTube Channel 

   This is a Youtube channel that I set up for our band stuff.  I will use it for instructional videos or recordings of our concerts. 

Playlist of our concerts

     Click here to see just the videos of our concerts.

Stuff To Help Everyone

How To Practice – 5 Tips For Students

     This is a video I made for students and parents, to help you understand how to practice at home in a way that will give you better results.

How To Practice Anything video

     Good stuff here from TED. 

     This is an online resource for band directors, but students can get a lot out of it too.  For example, if you play clarinet, then search for “clarinet” to find articles about how to play the flute better, etc. 

     A great website for learning about your instrument for the first time.  Just select your instrument from the menu in the top-right corner, and explore!

     I have no words.  This is the endgame for music education.  Complete vulnerability and connection. 

     This is a great Youtube channel, made by highly qualified band teachers.  Lots of helpful videos about how to play your instrument, etc.  Go explore. 

     Another great Youtube channel for all things band, created by a great teacher.

Stuff To Help Woodwind Players


Flute help

     My “checklist” for correct embouchure and posture for the flute.  Thanks to my fellow educators who helped me write this, and for those who wrote the articles on Band Directors Talk Shop from which I stole a lot.

Playing the flute with braces 

     Two great resources for Flute on Youtube.  Dig in. 

      Flute Tips blog.


Clarinet Embouchure help

     Thanks, Mr. Danny Green, for creating this and sharing your wisdom.

Clarinet Embouchure help 2

    Another one 

     "Clarinet Mentors" Youtube channel.  Dig in. 

     “Why are my clarinets playing flat?”  Excellent article about clarinet intonation, embouchure, etc. 

     Great information for clarinet players.  Particularly #32 about "crossing the break" from your low notes to your upper register.  

"10 Simple Steps To Improve Your Clarinet And Saxophone Section"

     Good stuff here.  Everyone should read this and do it.

Clarinet Resonance Fingerings

     A guide to resonance and alternate fingerings.  Her whole website is worth checking out, go go!


     Good Youtube channel for all things saxophone.  Some beginner stuff, all the way through very advanced stuff.

"10 Simple Steps To Improve Your Clarinet And Saxophone Section"

     Good stuff here.  Everyone should read this and do it.

Stuff To Help Brass Players

"Why Isn't It Working?" Checklist  For Beginners On Brass Instruments  
--------Instructional video to help explain this stuff

"Mystery To Mastery" videos by Greg Spence

     Gold.  His other videos go into these concepts in more depth.  But these 2-minute videos are a very approachable way to understand what we should be doing.

     This video shows you what to do physically inside your mouth to go from low to high notes, and exercises to work on it.

Stuff To Help Percussionists 

   Some really good websites for percussion stuff.

Carroll snare drum audition video
Carroll snare drum audition sheet music

     Even if you are not auditioning, this material is great stuff to review and practice.  It is essentially all of your fundamentals, all of your "this is how to play the snare drum correctly, and everything you should be able to play." 

    A series of Youtube videos showing all the fundamental techniques for the snare drum.

     My "Mallet Percussion Stuff" folder.

Percussion instructions from Frederick Fennell

Apps and Software

Metronome: Tempo Lite by Frozen Ape for iOS

Metronome: Tempo Lite by Frozen Ape for Android

     This is the best metronome app for mobile devices out there, in my opinion.  This is the free version.  I use the $3.99 version, but the free one is all you really need. 

     Finale Notepad.  This is the free version of the software I use to write all of the music you see on my website.  The free version does not have all of the features that the full $600 version has, of course, but it has a lot.  I highly recommend it, if you are interested in writing your own music.  And I would be happy to help you learn how to use it. 

   Check this out. It is an online music writing program. But then you can search for music that other people have written, including pop songs (search for something like "Set Fire To The Rain"). And you can change the music so it fits your instrument. I just learned about this, so I don't know how to use it yet, but you guys can mess around with it and probably figure it out.

About Music Education

"How Playing An Instrument Benefits Your Brain"

   One of the best explanations I have ever seen of what learning to play a musical instrument does to your brain, and why it is such an important part of your education.  To dig deeper into this, you can also watch this talk by Dr. Sarah Jayne Blakemore that explains how the brain develops during our teenage years.  Of course, you only get these benefits if you practice your instrument every day.  So go practice!  Now!  Go!  Why are you still reading?  Go practice!

   Another article to this point: 

Fun Internet Stuff 

     "Lyon Bros" Youtube channel

"I Want To Find Music Online I Can Play For Fun"    (notice the search bar at the top)


Christmas songs for orchestra kids  (not in the same key as the band version)

Christmas flex quartets from John McCallister

Star Wars songs 

"The Medallion Calls"

"Hedwig's Theme" from Harry Potter

Miscellaneous fun songs I wrote out

Video game music

Mr Wentzel's page  (click on your instrument in the black bar at the top of the page, then click on stuff like "Easy" in the black bar at the top of the page)

Video Game Lead Sheets page

Clarified music for clarinets

Saxplained music for saxophones

Flutorials music for flutes

Brassified music for brass instruments

Halloween Songs