Snare Drum Auditions

You must have your own drum sticks in order to audition and to play in the band. The only drums sticks allowed are Vic Firth SD-1 drum sticks.

Here is the required audition music.

<--- Watch this instructional video to help you learn how to play this music. You need to practice every day, with a metronome. Remember to start at a slow tempo, and gradually increase the tempo to 100. If you are making mistakes, then you are going too fast.

If you pass the audition and would like to play snare drum in the band, you are required to get your own concert snare drum (only Pearl or Ludwig brands are allowed) to play in class, and a Remo 8" Practice Pad so you can practice at home. Also please get a second pair of SD-1 drum sticks, so you can keep one pair at school and the other pair at home to practice.