7th Grade Remote Learning


  1. Complete this attendance form every day. Make sure you hit the SUBMIT button:

2. Play through the Online Warm-Up For Band with me, using this video. If you lost your paper, just scroll down on this webpage and you will find the sheet music.

3. Learn song #12.05 from the Method, using this instructional video to help you:

4. Practice the song that you want to perform at our Virtual Recital on December 15.

Please sign up for the Virtual Recital by completing this form. ********

5. Here is a piece of concert music that you can learn for fun. Find your part to the song "Half Past Two" by finding the correct page in the "Half Past Two.pdf" file (the instrument is written on the top right corner of each page), and use your strategies to teach yourself the notes and rhythms.

I made an instructional video to help you with some of these dotted-quarter-note rhythms.

Then try to play your part along with the professional recording by hitting THIS LINK, and then hitting the "speaker" button beside "Band Set & Score".